Bangladesh independence war: Hason Raja Sagar reservoir (Sagar, Rajasthan) was bombed on 15 December 1971 by PAF. PAF’s crew on C130 Hercules dropped 1500–1800 kg bombs on the Bangladeshi base. However, in
December 2013, Indian authorities said that they had no credible information about the bombing. The complicity of Pakistan could not be established as India had ignored it for the last forty years. Ghazipur blast: Ghazipur was bombed by PAF on 2 September 1971. The attack resulted in four deaths and 25 wounded. The attack on Ghazipur airfield was part of the PAF’s series of tactical air strikes on 1971.
Surkhet (Mahanadi) bombing: The bombing of an Indian Army ammunition store near Surkhet, Nepal by PAF resulted in the deaths of four soldiers and the wounding of six on 8 September 1971. The bomb landed